Typography & Negative Space

Two seperate tasks but since both of them were quite small I’ll be combining
them here in one post.

For the typography task we basically had to take a word and create a good looking
typographic composition. Something that refered to or had to do with the word.
Made using Illustrator, which is actually one of my least favourite programs but
I had multiple ideas but in the end chose to go with the word “yarn”.


The negative space task was something that sounded fun to me, but I was a bit hesitant
as I couldn’t come up with any good ideas. First I wanted to try doing something with
candles & smoke but whatever came out was only so-so. After a lot of doodling at home,
I suddenly got this idea. I’m quite happy and pleased with it. “Beware of the wolf” 😉

NegativeSpace_Kaya_Kepa (2)

I’ll also be uploading it on my DeviantArt later.