GameArt: Material Study


Time to put some life on this blog again. For those interested, I’m mostly active on my DeviantArt, hence the lack of posts here.   You can also find links to some other social media websites I use in the “About me” tab! 🙂

One of the tasks for Game Art we received this year is the famous “Materials study”. A basic yet, in my opinion, very fun digital drawing practise. Some of these (the jello one actually) were a bit of a challenge but nonetheless I feel quite proud of the results. I usually very rarely use references when drawing, so I admit I went a bit free-style on some of these instead of closely observing the real thing.  For the jello one I had to look up a small tutorial, because it just wouldn’t work out the way I wanted it to. The ‘Old window’ one looks a bit more like a metal ball instead of glass, but I blame that on the reference picture I used (which did indeed have that quite dark, blurry look). The skin & moss ones are probably my favourites out of the set. As much as I enjoy digital art, I mostly do traditional artworks so it might be interesting to someday try doing these in watercolours if I find some time. 🙂