Graphic Visualisation

I noticed I hadn’t posted this one here yet.
One of our tasks was to create a satire (free subject choice).
Now, regarding the subject;
What I chose for this task is a bit less known than discrimination, war etc…
These days kids often get labeled in class, not by their name, but by whatever
disorder they carry. Be it ADHD, autism etc… Please don’t misunderstand, of course
it’s important to pay attention to a child if there’s something wrong with their health
but that still doesn’t mean every single word or action has to perfectly organized.
It’s a bit hard to explain my exact feelings regarding this, but a child is still a child
and should be seen as such. Nowadays, if there’s even a tiny problem, children immediately
get taken to a doctor, get a “disease” written down and problem solved! Most teachers
that deal with younger children already have it hard, but now they need to become
doctors as well. Children are no longer seen as “who they are” but as “what the papers say”.

Art wise, it was pretty fun to do this. I actually had this idea in my head for a little
while longer, so this task came at the right time. I do not draw children that often &
the anatomy was a bit hard (with the arms holding the name plates on their back. I’m aware there’s a tiny mistake)
but the practise helped me get better I guess. I tend to get a bit lost in details, so the
smaller amount of lines & simple background were also a good practise.



Photo Manipulation

Graphic Visualisation

Our last task for Graphic Visualisation this school year was to create a photo
manipulation. We had to include ourselves in the picture we made.

Although I’ve never done a real photo manipulation before, I’ve worked with Photoshop
for quite some time now, so luckily I know how most tools etc work. Usually I just work
with adjustments, but we had to show what we did during the progress & leave all
layers seperate so I had to use the other adjustment function (which can be
selected next to where you create a new layer). True, since the changes you made are
now on a seperate layer, you might be able to undo them later. But personally, I still
prefer using my way. Probably because serveral things didn’t want to work the way I
wanted them to with this second option.
Since I have a big fascination for the sky and am a person often lost in my own thoughs,
I wanted to make some sort of fantasy setting. Like “A sea of clouds” with some ruins
and me looking through a window or sitting on the ruins.


The clouds, sea & floor are stock images from DeviantArt. The ruins (& me of course)
are taken from my own pictures.

Typography & Negative Space

Two seperate tasks but since both of them were quite small I’ll be combining
them here in one post.

For the typography task we basically had to take a word and create a good looking
typographic composition. Something that refered to or had to do with the word.
Made using Illustrator, which is actually one of my least favourite programs but
I had multiple ideas but in the end chose to go with the word “yarn”.


The negative space task was something that sounded fun to me, but I was a bit hesitant
as I couldn’t come up with any good ideas. First I wanted to try doing something with
candles & smoke but whatever came out was only so-so. After a lot of doodling at home,
I suddenly got this idea. I’m quite happy and pleased with it. “Beware of the wolf” 😉

NegativeSpace_Kaya_Kepa (2)

I’ll also be uploading it on my DeviantArt later.

Pixel Art

It’s been a while since I’ve last done some Pixel Art. It’s a special art style I have a soft
spot for and used to try out from time to time. My preference lies with the ‘normal’ pixel art

Our task was to recreate a scene from a game or movie in an isometric (pixel art) perspective.
The movie I chose for this was Spirited Away by the famous Japanese Studio Ghibli. Making the
room isometric wasn’t that hard, but trying to keep the characters somewhat isometric proved
to be a bit of a challenge.
We also had to add some animation. Nothing new for me so that went fairly easy.
It’s not something I do often, so of course there are much better pixel artworks out there,
but I’m still quite happy with it. I think I would’ve done a bit better if we had more time…