3D Visua – Horror figure

2D/3D Visua : Create a horror figure (combining the elements of the following 4
existing horror characters ; Michael Myers, Leatherface, Pinhead & Freddy Krueger)

This was the first time creating a more humanlike figure. To me the things that
proved to be most challenging were probably the face and hair, due to the unusual
placement of the faces (= the parts that build up a figure in blender).
Along the way I noticed some mistakes in my character sheet. I also had several
mistakes in the model like too many faces/triangles connected to an edge &
faces flipped the wrong way (Basically this means that unity registed the
“outside” as “inside” & vice-versa). Luckily I managed to fix both of those in
the end. Two more things I need to be careful with in the future!

The good part is: I finally learned how to make a proper uv-map. Now the
different parts are no longer all over the place, but actually form identifiable
shapes corresponding to the 3d model.

Kaya_Kepa_horrorpersRender frontview


Game Art : Character Design

Game Art Task: Create (or rather recreate) a hero, sidekick and anti-hero.
Use an existing story (movie, game, book etc…) to locate the characters.

For this I again chose one of my all-time favourite movies: Spirited Away.
The hero being Chihiro of course, Haku as sidekick and Yubaba as anti-hero.
We had to make 2 drawings of the same characters. One time in a cartoon style, the second time
in an abstract-figurative style. I had to research several times what exactly was meant by
“abstract-figurative” since those two words are complete opposites and Google was no help either.
In the end I tried showing off their shapes more and using some loose lines (round for Chihiro,
somewhat rectangular for Haku and pointy/triangle for Yubaba).
I tried keeping the colors +- the same as how they are in the movie (pink-blue-purple).
I’m quite happy with the result, as I first wanted to use a different story.
To be honest, I wish we’d get a task where we get a soft description of a character (behaviour,
gender, style, maybe a short background) and then have to come up with a design, instead of
recreating existing ones. It was still a fun to do task though.

chihiroabstract chihiroabstr-fig x cartoon