Competencies / Goals

Because I’m still unsure about my future I’m having a hard time deciding what I really want to do, and thus
can only speak about what I want to achieve with 90% enthusiasm. That does, however, not mean that I only
do my tasks half-heartedly. I do my best to make sure everything is done with care and on time.
I only went to an art school during the weekends, so I’m happy I can finally show off a bit about what I can do.

My main goal is like most others ‘learning’, to become better at what I do than I was before.
My strongest point is art/drawing. This means my interest lies highest when it comes to art-related courses,
like Game Art, Drawing but also 2D/3D visualisation.
Although I’ve already learnt many things taught during the art courses & already went through many phases
about discovering different possibilities & trying to create my own style, I’m still learing new things every day.
Learning how to create many different characters, backgrounds, shapes is fun to me.
I’ve also never done 3D-modelling so I enjoy these lessons and want to become better.

I’m having a harder time with programming but despite that, I like the idea of being able to do it and whenever
I finally figure out how something works, I feel proud of myself. Even though it’s hard, I want to continue doing
it and become better.


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