Photo Manipulation

Graphic Visualisation

Our last task for Graphic Visualisation this school year was to create a photo
manipulation. We had to include ourselves in the picture we made.

Although I’ve never done a real photo manipulation before, I’ve worked with Photoshop
for quite some time now, so luckily I know how most tools etc work. Usually I just work
with adjustments, but we had to show what we did during the progress & leave all
layers seperate so I had to use the other adjustment function (which can be
selected next to where you create a new layer). True, since the changes you made are
now on a seperate layer, you might be able to undo them later. But personally, I still
prefer using my way. Probably because serveral things didn’t want to work the way I
wanted them to with this second option.
Since I have a big fascination for the sky and am a person often lost in my own thoughs,
I wanted to make some sort of fantasy setting. Like “A sea of clouds” with some ruins
and me looking through a window or sitting on the ruins.


The clouds, sea & floor are stock images from DeviantArt. The ruins (& me of course)
are taken from my own pictures.


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