Photo Manipulation

Graphic Visualisation

Our last task for Graphic Visualisation this school year was to create a photo
manipulation. We had to include ourselves in the picture we made.

Although I’ve never done a real photo manipulation before, I’ve worked with Photoshop
for quite some time now, so luckily I know how most tools etc work. Usually I just work
with adjustments, but we had to show what we did during the progress & leave all
layers seperate so I had to use the other adjustment function (which can be
selected next to where you create a new layer). True, since the changes you made are
now on a seperate layer, you might be able to undo them later. But personally, I still
prefer using my way. Probably because serveral things didn’t want to work the way I
wanted them to with this second option.
Since I have a big fascination for the sky and am a person often lost in my own thoughs,
I wanted to make some sort of fantasy setting. Like “A sea of clouds” with some ruins
and me looking through a window or sitting on the ruins.


The clouds, sea & floor are stock images from DeviantArt. The ruins (& me of course)
are taken from my own pictures.


Case 1.3

Third project this school year. This case was actually for one of our subjects
(Interaction & Design) which learns us how to program using Processing.
The amount of people in your group depended on what exactly it is you wanted to make.
My group had 3 people in it. You could choose between making some sort of
creature(s) that interact with you in some way or making something with multiple screens
(by setting up a server which allows (example) an object to move from one screen to
another). We chose the multiple screen option.

Our group made a bunch of jellyfish that swim upward over the screens. Two of us (me
& a friend) did the programming, while our third member did some artwork.
True, about 80% of the code was copied from the internet, but changing it so it works the
way we wanted to, putting it all together, making it work etc.. was no easy task for
people that know zero to nothing about programming, so we were quite proud of the
result. And personally, I think this has taught me a lot about programming and how
certain parts work/connect.


Case 1.2

Our second important school project was also to be made in a group. And since we’re the
“Game Art & Design” group, our task was … to create a game! This time in a group of 3.
It had to be a game with “standard visuals” which means objects like cubes, spheres etc..
No complicated world with stylish characters or emotional storylines.

Our group made a game called “Tunnel Vision”. The player controls a ball rolling through
a tunnel and needs to collect points while avoiding obstacles. My strongest point is drawing
so I was in charge of making all of the artwork (from concept art to textures, buttons,
some level design etc..). Level design was mainly done by a second teammate though,
since he made the 3d levels in Blender. Our third member did all of the programming.
It might not be perfect but… seeing this game come to life and work was a big boost
for my “What are we really doing here” question.

dqfd Startscreen

Case 1.1

Case 1.1 was our first group project of this school year. The task was to create a
sort of projection in a public space using VPT7. The theme/subject of the projection
had to be something that related to hidden poverty (People that might be living next to
you and are seemingly fine, yet are actually victims of poverty). This was a subject
that was also quite often mentioned in my previous school. Even meeting with these
people at some points & learning about their lives.

We worked in a group of four. These sort of tiny group projects were nothing new to me.
We had a problem coming up with a good idea the first week, but once we knew what we
wanted to do, the end result turned out to be quite good. VPT7 was… to be honest not
that fun to work with, especially since no one knew how the program worked (in our
entire class), yet we still had to use it. Thankfully one of our group members figured
it all out. There were some other small issues but these I’d rather keep to myself.
The last days, watching everyone set up their projections, were quite fun though.

I don’t have that many pictures, but basically our group made a story about two girls.
On the outside both of them seem to be really similar, yet behind the walls of their
houses there are small & subtle, yet visible, differences between the two of them. One
having a better/richer life than the other.
We initially wanted to make the whole thing digitally (a sort of animation movie) but due
to certain issues, we made paper puppets instead & filmed them behind a piece of white
cloth (like one of those indian shadow puppet shows). We then projected this movie
on the walls in the public space. I, along with the help of one of my groupmates, made
the puppets/scenery & the two of us also controlled the puppets behind the cloth. A third
member later filmed, edited the videos & projected them with VPT7.
I was quite stressed but in the end everything worked out well. 🙂

DSC_0539 DSC_0540

(The public space was C-Mine by the way ↑. A part in the old buildings where you can see how the old mines worked. It is now a place tourists can visit.)

Typography & Negative Space

Two seperate tasks but since both of them were quite small I’ll be combining
them here in one post.

For the typography task we basically had to take a word and create a good looking
typographic composition. Something that refered to or had to do with the word.
Made using Illustrator, which is actually one of my least favourite programs but
I had multiple ideas but in the end chose to go with the word “yarn”.


The negative space task was something that sounded fun to me, but I was a bit hesitant
as I couldn’t come up with any good ideas. First I wanted to try doing something with
candles & smoke but whatever came out was only so-so. After a lot of doodling at home,
I suddenly got this idea. I’m quite happy and pleased with it. “Beware of the wolf” 😉

NegativeSpace_Kaya_Kepa (2)

I’ll also be uploading it on my DeviantArt later.

3D Visua – Horror figure

2D/3D Visua : Create a horror figure (combining the elements of the following 4
existing horror characters ; Michael Myers, Leatherface, Pinhead & Freddy Krueger)

This was the first time creating a more humanlike figure. To me the things that
proved to be most challenging were probably the face and hair, due to the unusual
placement of the faces (= the parts that build up a figure in blender).
Along the way I noticed some mistakes in my character sheet. I also had several
mistakes in the model like too many faces/triangles connected to an edge &
faces flipped the wrong way (Basically this means that unity registed the
“outside” as “inside” & vice-versa). Luckily I managed to fix both of those in
the end. Two more things I need to be careful with in the future!

The good part is: I finally learned how to make a proper uv-map. Now the
different parts are no longer all over the place, but actually form identifiable
shapes corresponding to the 3d model.

Kaya_Kepa_horrorpersRender frontview