Game Art : Character Design

Game Art Task: Create (or rather recreate) a hero, sidekick and anti-hero.
Use an existing story (movie, game, book etc…) to locate the characters.

For this I again chose one of my all-time favourite movies: Spirited Away.
The hero being Chihiro of course, Haku as sidekick and Yubaba as anti-hero.
We had to make 2 drawings of the same characters. One time in a cartoon style, the second time
in an abstract-figurative style. I had to research several times what exactly was meant by
“abstract-figurative” since those two words are complete opposites and Google was no help either.
In the end I tried showing off their shapes more and using some loose lines (round for Chihiro,
somewhat rectangular for Haku and pointy/triangle for Yubaba).
I tried keeping the colors +- the same as how they are in the movie (pink-blue-purple).
I’m quite happy with the result, as I first wanted to use a different story.
To be honest, I wish we’d get a task where we get a soft description of a character (behaviour,
gender, style, maybe a short background) and then have to come up with a design, instead of
recreating existing ones. It was still a fun to do task though.

chihiroabstract chihiroabstr-fig x cartoon


3D Visua – Bug

New 3D task: Make an insect.
For this task we had 3 types of insects (a grasshopper, a wasp and a rhinoceros beetle) and
had to combine elements from the three of them to create a new insect that still looked realistic.
I feel that the problem with this one was that many people chose the same elements though…
Luckily I didn’t add wings, unlike many.
The big challenge during this task was the UV-map. I still haven’t learnt how to make the different
pieces line up nicely and form a shape. My problem was that you had a bunch of messy pieces and
had to figure out which one was which.
Some new things I’ve learnt:
You can put the UV-map pieces on top of each other. This way you only need to make a small sized
texture image (as all stacked pieces will get the same color).
If your 3D object is mostly symmetric you can spare a lot of time by only making one side &
then simply mirroring it.



Pixel Art

It’s been a while since I’ve last done some Pixel Art. It’s a special art style I have a soft
spot for and used to try out from time to time. My preference lies with the ‘normal’ pixel art

Our task was to recreate a scene from a game or movie in an isometric (pixel art) perspective.
The movie I chose for this was Spirited Away by the famous Japanese Studio Ghibli. Making the
room isometric wasn’t that hard, but trying to keep the characters somewhat isometric proved
to be a bit of a challenge.
We also had to add some animation. Nothing new for me so that went fairly easy.
It’s not something I do often, so of course there are much better pixel artworks out there,
but I’m still quite happy with it. I think I would’ve done a bit better if we had more time…


3D Visua – Robot

Or my very first time making a 3D object!

Unfortunately we’re not using Maya like I hoped for, but the reason is understandable. Learning to
work with Blender is a nice experience too though. I had always been curious about how to work in
3D programs but when I tried using them myself, I had a hard time understanding how everything
It was challenging because there’s so many different commands and windows and I’ve always had
trouble when there’s too much going on at the same time. Thankfully the lesson was well explained
and slowly, step-by-step, our 3D object, an old style tin robot, came to life.
It was the first time I’ve heard of the fact that faces are only allowed to have 3 or 4 points, as
well as that you have to work with as least faces as possible, while still trying to make the object
look good. 2 very important things to remember.
Oh, and that you can create almost any object starting from only one single cube.